Monday, December 10, 2012

Lip Scrubs - What The Heck Is That?

Marymint Lipbuff by Nebo Soap Co LLC
     Lip Scrubs? Yes! Just like your body scrubs making your skin soft, so does lip scrubs make your lips soft and supple. And dare I say kissable? Another YES! Then apply your lip balms, lipsticks or lip gloss, flavored or not, for delectable juicy kisses.
     Lip scrubs are designed to gently remove flakiness and can help chapped lips so that lip balms are used more effectively. Unfortunately, lip scrubs do not make your lips plumper as some might believe. They just improve the texture. Lips thin with age due to decrease of collagen.
     Lip Scrubs use sugar, nut butters like shea and coco butter, vegetable oils, avocado, sweet almond oil and grapeseed oil with or without flavor oils. Flavor oils can be essential oils or synthetic. I use both essential oils and synthetic flavor oils in my lip scrubs.
     To use, a small dollop of lip scrub product on lips, gently exfoliating in little circles then rinse and apply a moisturizing lip balm to seal in the softness. I also recommend that you use products that contain sunscreen to protect your lips and reduce the speed of thinning lips.
     Nebo Soap Company has a few lip care items, Lipbuffs - 1.5 oz $6 and Lipslicks - 1 oz $7  in tasty honey flavors and peppermint-rosemary. I will be adding more flavor choices soon, like coffee, strawberry, rosemary, tea tree, pineapple and more!

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