Friday, September 14, 2012

Pumpkin Cleanface Grits!

Pumpkin Cleanface Grits by Nebo Soap Co LLC
Pumpkin Cleansing Grains, Pumpkin Honey & Sugar Face Wash, Pumpkin Cleanface GritsPumpkin Cleanface Grits is a natural face wash using sugar and oat bran as texture to clean rather than chemicals like sodium laureth sulfate. Not using chemicals means that your skin won't be stripped of its precious oils, which makes your face feel tight and dry. Pumpkin Cleanface Grits doesn't require you to use a moisturizer, but you can.
Pumpkin Cleanface Grits does not lather! It's pure goodness that works with the power of nature. Pure cane sugar is the grit, in Pumpkin Cleanface Grits, it's said to have cellular renewal properties, softening and moisturizing. Pumpkin, honey and milk are astringents that are packed with vitamins, they can be helpful to all skin types. Oats are for a little grit action too, but also does double duty as a skin soother. Chamomile soothes and softens the skin and most appropriate for dry, mature skin as well as for for blemishes and oily skin.
Pumpkin Cleanface Grits is recommended for all skin types and will benefit every face with regular use, but it was especially made for dry to normal skin. For use, scoop a small amount, approximately, one tablespoon in the palm of your hand, add enough tap water to make a spreadable paste. Gently exfoliate your face, avoiding eyes and eye area and lips and leave on for a couple minutes. Rinse off thoroughly with cool water. Pumpkin Cleanface Grits are kind enough to use every day in place of soap, or other face cleansers you normally use. 2.5 oz solid wt., enough for several applications.
ingredients: milk, pumpkin, honey, pure cane sugar, oats & chamomile.

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